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Recognize and develop potential

Personality diagnostic is a quality feature of HR management. It will enable you to find suitable professionals and managers, lead employees to self-motivated performance and retain talents.

Digitalization and individualization are two mega trends that you are able to provide for in an optimum way as a strategic service provider in your company. The information and data derived from the tests allows for conclusions on existing and future-recruited potentials.

You can consistently individualize the development of your key professionals and executives on the basis of the LUXXprofile. They benefit from a set of tools that allows them to better manage themselves and to reach their full potential.


Individual and differentiated leadership

Being able to ‘read’ personalities and handle them in a reflected manner will improve leadership.

Individualized leadership is one of the requirements of modern management. LUXXprofile will give you a basis on which you are able to acknowledge the individual needs of your employees. Individually catering for your staff and finding the right way to address each individual enables you as executives to motivate your employees.

Even more importantly, you can tune existing instruments such as feedback discussions, target agreements or other incentives accurately to the motives of each individual employee. Only then they will truly unfold their effectiveness.


Reaching your goals more easily

Closely engaging with your fundamental motives will give you clarity in regards to your personal objectives and how to best reach them.

Usually, if you intend to undergo a personal coaching you are looking to solve a problem. Coaching on the basis of the LUXXprofile will help to develop your personal competences. It will disclose the uniqueness of your personality and what prerequisites are needed to help change your behavior in accordance with your personality. Your personal resources are charged by your strongest motives and thus give you decisive leverage to sustainably reach your goals.

At the same time, the LUXXprofile lets you identify which external factors actually hinder the unfolding of your true potential. On the basis of this information you and your coach will be able to develop your customized change strategy.

Life Balance

Being in balance

To understand oneself and one’s fundamental desires is an important prerequisite to be balanced or regain balance.

The basic formula of the LUXXprofile could be ‘personality is always right’. What this means is that the solution to a difficult situation can be found in the individual’s personality. Your LUXXprofile Master will identify your true desires as a first step. Secondly, the internal resources that are based on your individual personality will be activated in order to reach your goals without any (further) loss of energy.

Professional sports

Calling on peak performance

Nowadays, professional sports coaches individually address their athletes and thus guide them to higher mental strength – during training as well as during competition.

Whether in individual or team competition the LUXXprofile is essentially a coaching for coaches. A coach will understand how he/she ticks and what personal presumptions should not be transferred on to the athletes. This is key in professional sports: An athlete can best reach peak performance when called on his/her individual motives. The concept of individual motivation based on crystal-clear analyses can be acquired by coaches and athletes likewise.

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