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The LUXXprofile

What is the


Discover the beauty in personality

Very few personality instruments are capable of measuring the individuality of personality. LUXXprofile is the latest instrument of its kind and is based on the most up-to-date results of motive-oriented personality research.

Motives are an expression of inner desires. They are distinct for each individual. And that is exactly the core of personality. It is important to know: People always try to satisfy their most distinct inner desires. The pursuit of having one’s desires fulfilled actually determines their experience and the way they are perceived by others.

Precise measurement of personality

Your personal LUXXprofile will disclose which motives have the most priority for you and how this triggers your behavior. An example: The ‘structure’ motive describes the differences in the pursuit of structuring one’s environment in a simple and clear way. If the desire for structure is strong, one tends more to act according to a plan and will be more attentive to detail. A weaker desire will trigger the urge for more spontaneity and flexibility in processes. In a work setting, a person with a high desire for structure will perform if given tasks that respect the need for planning and structure. A person with a weaker desire loves to improvise and will find a setting satisfactory that allows him or her to play out this strength.

This way, the motives form the basis on which performance develops. Providing targeted stimuli that match the individual profile can thus boost performance.

In order to assure that quality of the analysis of your individual results, you will receive your LUXXprofile by a certified LUXXprofile Master only. He or she will conduct a personal results assessment with you.

You would like to get to know your individual personality profile?

The 16 fundamental motives

The LUXXprofile describes personality in its entirety. The motives that are measured precisely are:

The individual parameter value together with the interplay of the 16 motives trigger behavior in specific situations.

During your LUXXprofile results’ assessment discussion you will learn what affect this has on your life: What are the individual values of your motives? Which of the motives interact with others? Which motives might offset others? And how does all this work in your daily life and under pressure?

The LUXXprofile is a completely verifiable scientific method and as such enables LUXXprofile Masters to work in a very targeted way and very close to the reality of a person’s life. The parameter values of the 16 basic desires and their interplay are measured in such a precise way, that it is possibly to predict behavior in work and private life with statistically significant validity.


The LUXXprofile translates the ‘language of the motives’ into behavioral knowledge. You will realize what is important in your life and what stresses you. You will understand what unites you with others and what differentiates you from them. You will grasp the reasons for your emotions and your behavior. This knowledge in itself is highly valuable. But it becomes even more precious in dynamic times in which coming to terms with one’s own personality is overlain by multifaceted outside influences.

Whether you like to have answers in a work-based or private-based setting, whether you experienced a crisis or are driven by pure curiosity: In your discussion with your LUXXprofile Master you will gain clarity on your intrinsic, unchangeable motives and receive individual advice on how you will be able to reach your personal goals faster and be able to sustainably live a content life.

Building block for successful cooperation and rapport

Once you are familiar with the intuitive structure of the 16 motives it will become increasingly easier to assess the reasons for certain behavioral patterns, to better understand your personal viewpoint and to be able to change perspective in difficult situations. Conflicts, long established thought blockages or stereotyped thinking can be solved or will no longer appear.

Conclusion: The LUXXprofile is an effective method in order to understand one self and others. Life decisions, which are made on the basis of your personality, will be sustainable as they are put on a solid basis.

A LUXXprofile Master will be happy to answer your questions.

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