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Welcome to LUXXprofile

What is the LUXXprofile?

How does it work?

How can I apply it?

Why is it so good?

What is the LUXXprofile?

Discover the beauty of your personality

Motivational psychology has proven: 16 selective motives map the complexity of the human personality. The LUXXprofile precisely measures your peculiar motives and how they interact. It instantly and at first glance demonstrates your unique profile in its essential.

How does it work?

Get your individual personality profile

The picture shows the example of a LUXXprofile Result

Fill out the questionnaire

Your LUXXprofile Master will send you a link to your online questionnaire. Please take 20 to 30 minutes to answer the questions. In case you are currently not in contact with a LUXXprofile Master you can find one here.

Your profile is generated

Your profile is generated immediately after you finish the questionnaire. The LUXXprofile Master will explain your individual personality profile including your motives and individual values during your assessment session.

Understanding personality

During the assessment session, you will learn how to ‘read’ your LUXXprofile. You will understand the specific motive combinations that form the basis of your personality and how they influence your life. You will receive feedback on what affect your personality has on others and how you can make use of your motives to reach your objectives.

What can I do with it?

LUXXprofile Applications

Recognize and develop potential

Personality diagnostic enables you to find suitable professionals and managers, develop and retain teams and talents.

Leadership on an individual and differentiated basis

A person that is able to ‘read’ personality and handle the knowledge in a reflected manner will be able to lead manage him/herself and others in a better way.

Easily reaching your own objectives

Engaging with your fundamental motives will bring clarity in regard to your personal goals and how to best reach them.

Case Studies

How can the LUXXprofile be applied in projects?

Team development

“In the past I though I had to manage the team. Now they basically manage themselves.“

After the reorganization the team analyses brought new drive into our team. The various team analyses made team dynamics and barriers transparent.

Change Management

“The LUXXprofile enabled us to find a common language.”

Discovering the reasons for inefficiency and underperformance enabled us to successfully introduce cultural change. As a result, we achieved a 10% higher employee satisfaction and 5% lower sick leave rate. Learn how to build a basis for common understanding in your changing organization.

Why is it better?

A new quality level in test development

The more distinct personality is to be mapped the higher the requirements for test construction. This is especially true for applications that are based on individual diagnoses and recommendations. The University of Luxembourg’s Computer-Based Assessment Group employed state-of-the-art methods for test construction and was able to reach a completely new quality level.

Do you have any questions?

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