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Case Study

Team development


The team leader was tasked to set up a strong team within a short timeframe. New assignments and processes, demanding objectives and new staff: the new realities after restructuring were supposed to come alive. Targeted impetuses to quickly bring the team to perform were required.


Individually meet employees ‘where they stand’.

Individual LUXXprofile reports uncovered the individual potential of each team member. This formed the basis for the team lead to individually address each team member, take him or her seriously, indicate the individual opportunities and thus motivate them. The LUXXprofile team profile also showed how the different potentials could be put to use and how the diversity within the team could be approached and reviewed in order to completely activate the whole team.

”I approached each team member individually. Based on the knowledge of his or her personality we discussed the options. After a very short time I noticed: The people wanted to take lead instead of being led.”

Team manager


The result after 100 days: Team of the month.

Each team member knows his/her strengths and also knows how to best employ them in order to reach the team targets. Once the team is under way and smoothly operating the team manager can concentrate to create the framework to reach high team performance. Also internal customers will notice the effect: Due to the fast and high-quality results they honor the team with the ‘team of the month’ award.