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Case Study

Change Management


More than 9% sickness rate and work-to-rule.

Staff motivation had reached bottom low at a hospital. Hierarchical thinking, staff shortage and low cooperation between wards were some of the problems management had identified as sources for the demotivation. Faced with such a complex situation the question was raised: Where to start the change process?


Identify the emotional needs and reveal their sources

The results of the individual LUXXprofiles of most of the employees showed a very high desire for social acceptance, structure and predictability. The hospital started to analyze the existing processes and adapted them. They also introduced a new staff roster system that was able to react faster on staff shortage. Medical and administrative staff also started to integrate ‘daily dosages of praise’ in their day-to-day dealings with their employees.

“Without the LUXXprofile we would have continued to examine the symptoms but would have never identified the reasons. Our cultural change finally got the direction right.”

Director of Medical and Health Care


5 % less sickness rate and 10% higher employee satisfaction

KPIs improved within a few months. But the sustainable change in corporate culture was even more important for the management: Thinking along the LUXXprofile motives makes it easier to see the individual and to appreciate him or her in a much better way. Furthermore, employees are able to treat their patients respectfully on the basis of this attitude. As the situation and atmosphere in the hospital improved it became increasingly easier to find and employ qualified personnel.